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How you can get a quality solar quote: in only three simple steps!

Going solar can be a confusing process. There are a million companies out there promising the world and offering supposedly massive savings to homeowners. Unfortunately – not all solar quotes are equal and it’s difficult to find a solar company that offers an affordable (yet high quality) service.

That’s where SolurPowur comes in.

We help accomplish strong objectives for our customers:

  • We help find you the perfect solar quote that is precisely tailored to your home, location, and financial situation.
  • You get access to a range of solar options that enable you to make the perfect financial choice. This is a great opportunity to compare between various options such as financing, leasing, and a cash purchase.
  • We help match you with an installer in our verified network. It’s important to ensure that you work with a contractor that is simultaneously cost-effective and top quality.

Want to know something amazing?

We help do this for you in only three simple steps. Yes – it really is that easy. We’ve built a nationwide network of certified solar partners to connect our customers to. We also utilize proprietary technology to connect our customers with the perfect incentives and deals. This makes it easy to locate the perfect solar quote for any inquiring homeowner.

Get a Solar Quote in Three Simple Steps

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    Enter your Info: Input your address or business location. We use this to pinpoint your situation and configure the ideal deals, local incentives, and eligible partners in your area.

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    We help connect the Dots: We use our proprietary technology to connect our global network of solar partners with you and the best incentives in your area.

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    Check out the Deals: We present you with solar deals that are precisely tailored to your location and situation. This means that we help connect you with the most suitable options so you can compare and contrast the best deals available. It really is that fast and simple.

Interested in checking out what’s available?

All you need to get started is to enter your address.

It’s no-obligation which means that you can see what’s available and leave it at that. We’re not interested in spamming you or bothering you with endless follow-up emails. We help match you with the best solar quotes on the planet.

At SolurPowur, we make a small commission if you end up going solar with one of our contractors. That’s why we’re not interested in spamming our customers. We’re just here to connect you with a high-quality solar quote.

Check out the deals – it can’t hurt to see how much you can save on your utility bills!

About SolurPowur

We're in this business to help homeowners save money on their utility bill.
Plus, it's pretty cool to go green and power your home with clean energy.

We’re a combination of solar engineers, tech nerds, and data science geeks that are obsessed with using technology to expedite the solar purchasing process. We do this because we’re not impressed with the current state of solar industry affairs.

Going solar can be a difficult process. Let’s be honest, there are dishonest companies that deploy misleading marketing tactics combined with a subpar product. You’re probably wondering if there are actually any companies that offer a quality service at an affordable price, right?

Well, that’s why we’re here. We’ve created a global network of highly qualified and individually vetted solar contractors that we work with to produce solar quotes. On top of this, our technology uses your address to find the best local and national solar incentives available to you. If there’s a local rebate – we let you know while we present a range of solar options for you to choose from.

The Future of Cleantech

We envision a future where people take control of their utility bills. At this time, it’s possible to go solar without losing money out of pocket. We can connect you with a flexible range of solar specific financing such as loans and leases which have a minimal upfront cost. It’s a nice feeling: immediately reducing your monthly bills with solar financing that also increases the value of your home. Solar panels are a hot commodity!

Our value set is simple: we want to make an honest living while increasing the wealth of everyone we do business with. Our customers save a huge amount of money on their electric bill. Our solar contractors make a living providing clean green energy to their clients. We make an honest commission when you go solar. This enables us to invest more in our technology and help spread clean solar energy worldwide.

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If you’re ready to reduce your utility bills – all you need to get started is to enter your home address. It’s really that simple. This whole process is no-obligation: which means that you can check out the quotes that are available and if you want leave it at that. We’re really not interested in spamming you with endless follow-up emails. We’re simply interested in matching you with the best solar quotes on the planet.

Want more info? Check out what deals are available for you. It can’t hurt to see how much you can save and also view which solar incentives and rebates are available.

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